Roots & Wings

"What do you want in life?" seems to be the question that defines this period of chaos and uncertainty that 20-something's find themselves in. Well, the answer to that loaded question is not easy - otherwise we would know exactly what we want and not have to experience anxiety attacks at night while we try to fall asleep.

Thus, in my attempt to find a path through the fog, I am creating a 'Vision Board' (kudos to Carolyn for this inspiration) to physically see my hopes and dreams in front of me.

Some of these goals may be considered far-reaching and long term, while others can be crossed off the list a touch more easily. Nevertheless, this is simply the start of an ever-changing list that will adapt based on the environment I am in and the space I hold. 

The List for 2018:

Visit some great friends in Austrlia

 Top countries I wish to see: Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia.......

 Run another half marathon - and beat my time. 

 Jump off more ‘things’. This became a trend in my adventures this summer and now thinking about it, I know why it is so enticing. I do not trust; one of my issues I am trying to overcome. However, making that jump forces me to put all of my trust into something bigger than myself – A leap of faith, if you will. 

Turn my writing into a career. It has become a passion for me - therapeutic and comforting. I would love to manifest a career path that combines writing and traveling. But for now, it is just for my (and hopefully for some others) pleasure!


I am only 29 years old yet I feel as though I have lived a couple of lives already - I have spread my roots in a few states and countries, have formed precious friendships along the way, and have learned plenty of life lessons.

I am on this journey that has no destination or travel itinerary, I am simply going where life takes me and embracing the present moment. However, it is comforting to reminisce and honor the places of my past that hold a special space in my heart.

So here is a list of places and faces that are tied to strong and special memories.

 Pine Beach, Croatia - the beginning of this adventure.
 Korcula, Croatia - Our first stop on our backpacking journey
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - visited them on one of our days off. Such a beautiful and untouched world within the country. 
Matriarchs of my family - all with hearts of gold
 Adriatic Sea - Our first boat day that consisted of swimming with dolphins, exploring ruins and making lifelong friendships.
 Cinque Terre, Italy - One of my first trips in Italy and spent the day with wonderful people in a magical place.
Margit Island, Budapest, Hungary - Our last city in our backpacking trip but one of the most memorable weeks in my life. 
 The Rio's Pool, CT - spent every summer here. Cool Ranch Doritos and flying bats are also associated with this pool.
 Long Pond, New Hampshire - one of the most important places in my life. Only people that have been here can truly understand how special it is.
That being said - Seeing this girl, on the back of this boat, on this pond.
Onawa - Rhode Island - My family's camp on Barber's Pond. Countless summers and family reunions take place here. 
 This was the day I jumped off a Cliff into the Adriatic Sea. I have never trusted someone as much as I did my dear friend that day and I have never felt a rush of adrenaline so intense.

 Willie - I'm obsessed with him and I admit it.
 My Nana - turning 95 this year and her life is devoted to those she loves. My inspiration.
 2 Things - laughing with Kylie and the Beer Garden in Astoria.
 Astoria Park - where another chapter of my life started and played out.
 The Rio's kitchen - my favorite place to spend holidays: amazing food and people.
Bahamas - Spring Break with the Yaggers. Coco Loco! 
 Old Lyme, CT - where I spent every summer of my childhood.
 I absolutely love this picture of Anthony and Laurel
The pet store in State College, PA - visiting the puppies was our guilty pleasure after class

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