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Those that know my family know that we are a nut house and my father has proudly reigned as ‘head nut’.  Through all of the changes and evolution my family has encountered – they are my essence. I have truly learned unconditional love and forgiveness by growing up in my home.   I will defend them, love them and always be there for them no matter what. So naturally, living an ocean away from one of the most important things in my life can be difficult. 

I created a way to fill this void a long time ago. There were times where relationships in my family were strained and the negatively blanketed us completely. When our issues became too big of a burden to carry, I turned to others around me to substitute the comforts of family. I nurtured my friendships and forged deep bonds. The relationships I built over the years have been my saving grace time and time again. 

Yet now as I wander the globe I am away from both my real family and my second one made of incredible friends. However, I have learned that as you open your heart and give love to the world, it reciprocates this act and surrounds you with positive souls. 

So to heal any lurking homesickness, I have manifested special traveling families along the way. Beginning in Croatia, I found myself among such inspiring and caring people. In ten weeks we got to know each other better than people we may have known for ten years.  During my time in Italy I have met several other travelers, expats and locals. There are a special few that bring warmth to my heart and consistently lift my spirits.  I am thankful for the new ways of life they have exposed me to and the wisdom they have shared.  

I will always be amazed by the conspiring universe and how we cross paths with certain people. Fleeting encounters or constant companionship can have an extreme lasting impression on our souls. A long time ago, I reached the point in my life where the connections and relationships I have with friends matters so much more than the amount of people I am surrounded by.  Even though I may not be able to see those I love as often as I would like, I know that if it is a true bond, time and distance will not hinder it.


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