sounds like somebody's got a case of the mondays....

I woke up feeling blah. 
My run was blah. 
Lunch was blah. 
Work was blah.


I certainly caught up on my sleep over the weekend.  In true old lady fashion, I went to bed at 5:30pm on Friday and didn’t wake until 8:30am Saturday – I guess I needed some sleep!  The weekend wonderfully seemed to last forever. I was horizontal for most of it, reading my new book and watching the Harry Potter series. All my lessons were prepared for the work week ahead. So come Monday, why did I feel so indifferent?

Even in Thailand,
I got a solid case of the Mondays.

It wasn’t until later that evening at dinner that I diagnosed my funk. A group of us foreign English teachers dined at Cowboy Pad Thai Man’s impromptu restaurant – the hotspot of the night market.  The conversation was subdued and we were all more whiny than normal.

Finally the light bulb went off and we realized why this particular Monday felt so rotten. We weren’t buzzing off of our usual travel high! There is nothing better than getting off an overnight bus at 3am and sneaking in a couple cheeky hours of sleep before you show up to work with a big grin on your face.

Why do lines when you can wait in line to board a bus to another city or country? Traveling gives you the ultimate high – it is a mini vacation that is all about you and your enjoyment. The novelty of new places eases the sting of having to spend money; but that is the beauty of South East Asia – it is cheap! The Baht is my best friend, unlike the Euro – we are no longer on speaking terms (and don’t get me started on the pound, that jerk stabbed me in the back – twice). Nevertheless, there is a cushion of happiness when you return from traveling. You simply float through the days, reveling in your experiences, laughing about inside jokes, and welcoming the nostalgia from uploading your pictures. By day 3 the high usually fades and when your feet touch back on Earth you endure a terribly dark moment when you realize that it’s over. But never fear, because as long term patient of the travel bug epidemic, you had already booked a trip for the next weekend! Time to do some laundry and pack your bags again. It is a wonderful cycle that helps you beat the cruel bite of sobering up by nipping the hair on the tail of the dog. Rally on travelers.

So to cure my unnerving case of the Mondays, I am headed to Bangkok this weekend to check out the Far East’s own City of Angels. Then December will be a busy month of hiking and elephants in Chiang Mai followed by diving in Kho Tao over New Years! 

Bring on the Mondays because the weekends are just too good. 


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