second chances.

Who is to say we can only love once?

Love is unique and alive. It breathes, grows, dies, and sometimes even reborn. Love is brutal, consuming, delicate, and everything in between. We’re blessed to find requited love once in our life – some lucky ones find it twice.

My parents’ paths diverged years ago, another life lived; yet as always, life goes on. That is the beauty of the future - you do not know what opportunities, happiness, and adventure await. My parent’s love did not grow at the pace that they as people did. That discrepancy, along with the other toxic burdens life throws on everyone’s shoulders, led them to their next chapter, their rebirth.


My confirmed itinerary had me flying to England at the end of May to see friends and eventually make my way to Croatia. When I booked that flight months prior, the idea of returning to America seemed impossible. Yet while volunteering in Kuraburi, Thailand, my mind became flooded with thoughts of my Mom’s upcoming wedding to a man that understood and accepted our family – with all of our imperfections – in addition to loving her unconditionally. The distance and price of a plane ticket invoked my previous decision to not fly home and just watch the wedding through Skype. However, as the days passed the idea of missing the wedding churned in my mind, leaving a bad taste in my mouth, and a brick in my stomach.

 I woke one very humid morning feeling lighter because I knew what needed to be done. I do not believe in letting money ever hold more worth than a person. For the first time there were no job responsibilities or lack of time holding me back, it was just a dollar sign.

God and the airlines were on my side once again. I bumped my flight to England up a week for a small fee and booked a round trip ticket to America from London at an unbelievable deal. I was coming home for five days so I would be where I needed to be.

After 36 long, dirty, sleepless hours, I arrived in New York ready to surprise my mom. It was a moment to remember. I crept through the house where her siblings were over for dinner and greeted her in the kitchen. Her response consisted of hopping around the kitchen, flailing her arms, half crying, half screaming, and constant bear hugs.

She is my mother. She carried me in her womb and delivered me into this magical world. She gave me life and has stood by my side every step of the way. So I wanted nothing more but to be by her side on this special day.

A small gathering of family stood in a garden and collectively witnessed a second chance – something everyone deserves.



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