summer of sun 2014 {photos}

 Anthony John I & II
 Friends from the beginning
 My main man
 Wedding Day
 Some siblings
Good old Guernsey Island 
 Country Cottage
 Flying High
 Santa Croce - Florence, Italy
 Back on the Arno
 Reunited free birds
 my Croatia
 Fourth of July at work
 Krka Waterfalls and National Park, Croata
 South African Sandwich
 Mornings in Croatia
 Summer of FUN
 Day's Off
 Wedding Bliss
 Pakostane, Croatia
 Boat Day Off
Underwater play
 My brother, my best friend, my Mick
One great Aussie
 Hvar Island
 Split, Croatia
 Back to Florence
 Sisters and Spritz

Traveling crew at the Colosseum  
Fresh Produce 
Vatican City 


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