Fifty-Two Feelings:

Week 7: "A goddess is not a superwoman who does it al. A goddess is a woman who does only what she wants and desires."  

Week 6: Be humble to the situation.

Week 5: Root to Rise.             
~Blue Super Moon Lunar Eclipse~

Week 4: As conditioned receptors, rather than reflectors, the manas [five senses] direct our focus to what happens to us, rather than within us. 

Week 3:  To know one's boundaries is to know one's potential. They are buoyant and rise as you do. 

Week 2: Only we can control our actions, interactions, and reactions. By being mindful of those, we in turn are being mindful of others. We are able to cultivate sensitivity and compassion toward others without losing our true self. 

Week 1: Here’s to 2018:
Say no to give more
Less stress, more play
Do out of desire, not obligation
Seek the sun
Less routine, more adventure
Focus on passions
Release resentments
Be present
Nourish mutual friendships
Less over extending
Travel - big and small
More yoga

Light Heart. Light Spirit. Light Body. Light Mind. 


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