Travel Tales

June of 2012 I packed a suitcase and flew overseas to Croatia where I began my adventure abroad. 

I lived and worked in a small village on the Adriatic Coast where I finally learned how filling, warm, and magical true happiness can feel like. I met amazing people, had plenty of adrenaline rushes, swam daily in the bluest sea, and appreciated every moment. 

I continued on to Florence, Italy where I taught English to young professionals. I fell willingly into the beautiful abyss of Italian culture and its addictive lifestyle. My weekends and holidays brought me to countless countries and cities, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. 

The school year flew by and before I knew it, it was time say arrivederci to this beautiful country filled with beautiful people and return to my bubble in Croatia. 
Another summer was spent by the sea surrounded by children with smiling faces and friends with golden hearts. 

I returned to the States for seven weeks to visit friends and family. The trip home recharged my soul and prepared me for the next leg of my journey: South East Asia.  At the end of October, another one way ticket brought me to Thailand to teach English to seconds graders. There I experienced a real change in culture as I traveled throughout the Far East. As I said goodbye to dozens of playful students, I embarked on a backpacking trip throughout Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I hiked volcanoes, scuba dived in coral reefs, practiced yoga in rice paddies, discovered hidden waterfalls, and found another depth of my true self.

Yet with another summer coming near, it was time to return to my second home: Croatia. Perhaps the most magical, comforting, and beautiful country I have had the blessing to visit. The white stone and blue sea will forever be a part of me. 

Then the need to plant roots overcame me and it was time to go home - for how long is unknown. Nevertheless, I yearned to meet my ever growing family and hug those I loved. 

Now marks a period of adjustment - finding the balance between freedom and stability. Between roots and wings. 

Here are some charming things I discovered along the way...

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  1. Hey Amelia!

    I just stumbled on your website as i was looking for some travel and soul searching info, is there an email I could contact you on? Id like to ask you something if thats alright :)

    LOVE what your doing keep it up!