When Our Paths Cross...

We meet every person in our life for a reason. I do not believe that there is a chance encounter. We are all one soul, fragmented into millions of bodies with individual hearts and minds. There is a reason we have met the people we have thus far in our lives - perhaps to test us, to teach us something, or to help us develop our own selves. 

I also believe that we draw the same type of energy and people that we exude. Back in the States I unfortunately attracted many lost and broken people. Looking back I realize this was because I was a shattered version of myself. I was in a constant search for more – more love, more experiences, and more happiness. Yet, a broken person cannot find true fulfillment. Rather, my quest for more left me with several painful or failed experiences.

Now I know that all of these obstacles and troubles were the means for me to be pushed toward the right path, to be led literally out of the country.  However, I did put great importance and priority on my friendships and that effort was returned to me, letting me build impenetrable bonds with some special people.

Croatia brought me back to life. It filled my lungs with air, heart with blood, and woke me up as if I were lying dormant for 23 years – waiting.  I radiated happiness and a new sense of freedom. In return, I found myself surrounded by people of like minds and joyful hearts. This energy carried on into our back-packing travels and continues to bind us together.

Since my arrival in Italy I have met several people either currently on their own spiritual journey, or willing to offer guidance and wisdom from their own previous reawakening.  I have not sought specific people out, our paths have simply crossed and our conversations reveal the truest parts of ourselves.  

 In the States, I never properly had a conversation about spirituality and the meaning of life as deep and honest as the ones I have now. Of course, any discussion about religion and beliefs is meant to stay within the confines of your home or of your mind. Nevertheless, I cannot stop meeting people of such wisdom, positive energy, and light in Italy. Once again, we cross paths with the right people for a reason. Everything is in the timing. I was not meant to have these experiences or thoughts five years ago. I was not ready.

I am beyond grateful of the changes in my life throughout the past year. St. Patrick’s Day of 2012 marked the beginning of turning the negatives into positive and taking charge of my life. Since then, I have embraced the path my life is on and every twist and turn I encounter. There is no happiness without sadness. There is no success without failure. There is no love without heartbreak. 

Every person I have met in my life has helped shape my journey and taught me something.  A slow-moving cashier at the grocery store taught me patience. An old relationship taught me to protect my heart. A demanding boss taught me responsibility. A 2-minute conversation can change your day. An unplanned encounter can change your career.  

 Every soul can shed light onto your life if you open your eyes to see it. It is very easy to live your life blind to the signs and messages around you. Once you begin living in a state of awareness, a whole new, beautiful world is revealed to you. 

So I send my thanks out to those I have met in my life; either just in passing or to those who I have formed solid bonds with. You all taught me something I needed to know at that time in my life. You all shared an experience with me that I needed to have.  I cherish the lasting friendships I have made in the States, Croatia, and now Italy. I look forward to all the new souls I am to meet in my future and cannot wait to see what the next steps of my journey are to be.  


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