Crash Course in Following your Heart

When I got off the plane in Zagreb, Croatia and learned that my luggage - pretty much my life packed up in a suitcase - was lost somewhere in Turkey, I was faced with two options: freak out and not leave that airport until the suitcase was found or get on the bus and have faith that it will show up.  I chose the second option.

Normally, I would not act as calm and unconcerned as I did; however, ever since I decided to put my own dreams first my outlook has changed. My life was wavering in and out of stability and happiness. I had always known there was more to life than what the States had to offer. I traveled to and from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and New York in a constant search of fulfillment and feeling of belonging. Yet in the back of my mind, I always knew I needed to go abroad. I yearned to see the places I studied for eight years and to be immersed in the cultures I was teasingly exposed to. 

I had always talked about teaching abroad. It seemed to be the only solution to my restlessness. Teach and travel. However, jobs, money, and weddings put any concrete plans on hold. Then, thankfully, one of many quarter-life crises forced me to get my TEFL Certification. Alas, one step closer.

After a changeover of a few jobs, I found myself at the gym one night responding to an e-mail agreeing to work in Croatia for the summer. Once the opportunity to finally go abroad was sitting in my inbox, I knew that once I said yes everything was going to change. 

Within a week the next five months of my life was sorted out. I had a one-way ticket booked to Europe, a job set up for the summer, I was enrolled to take Italian classes in Florence, paperwork for a student visa was filed, and I had a list of schools where I could teach ESL to contact in September. The moment I decided to follow my heart, everything fell into place.

The following month raced by and next thing I knew I was saying goodbye to loved ones and boarding a plane to Europe. I figured that if everything has worked out this effortlessly, it must mean that it is the right path to take.

I started worrying less and trusting more. I know that everything will unfold the way it is supposed to. I know that if I follow my heart, I will be happy and there will be fewer obstacles to face. The fears and doubts have vanished since I have put complete faith in this belief. 

So as a result from the whirlwind prior two months and self-revelations, I knew that my luggage would show up. And as a matter of fact, a few days after my arrival to this small village in Croatia my big suitcase appeared.


My journey has continued since Croatia and I am still learning and developing. Yet I have discovered more about my soul and beliefs in the past five months than in the entire 23 years of my life. 
There is so much more to share.    :) 

Zadar, Croatia


  1. I am thrilled to be reading this and seeing you are doing so well. you were always a fantastic person and a great friend with a special place in my heart. I am so happy to see you finally doing your own thing and living life the way you always wanted too. You were always better than what the states had to offer you and I am absolutely ecstatic that I (and everyone else) get to live vicariously through you. Have an amazing journey and love yourself and life full heartedly - keep going after everything you want until it is yours.

  2. I am going through a quarter-life crisis right now and have thought about teaching abroad for a while as I am restless in the US as well. I am sitting at work at my desk and have been reading your post for the past two or three hours, completely immersed in your world and I love it! I cant settle and have a family until I have truly found myself! I am 27 years old and I had studied abroad in Mexico at the age of 19 and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The world has so much to offer, way more than just the United States... I think my first trip will be to Korea, and after that I will follow my heart to figure out where to go next. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog! It is beautifully written by the way and the photos are mesmorizing.


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