Let it be.

Once you decide to release the ties to your comfort zone and embrace the lifestyle of travel, you are granted complete freedom – and with the gift of freedom comes choice. I was finishing up teaching English in Italy and getting ready to head off to Croatia for another summer. However, the post-Croatia question still lingered over my head. Where should I move my life to next? I loved Italy, but I wanted to continue exploring and seeing new places. The Euro abused my bank account so chances of staying in Western Europe anyways looked quite slim. Visions of a life in Slovenia, Hungary, or Croatia bounced around in my mind. I also flirted with the idea of working on a super yacht for a year.  Yet, in attempt to stay true to my newfound mindset, I declared that I shouldn’t worry or search for my next destination because I knew that the right path will reveal itself in time.

Out of curiosity one night I messaged a friend of a friend who was currently teaching English in Thailand, asking her about the lifestyle in South East Asia and her general liking of the region. Not shortly after I found myself CC’ed on an email with her supervisors that enclosed a discussion about my experience and how I would be a perfect fit for the job. In a following e-mail I was offered a position to teach in Thailand for the upcoming school year. 

As time passed, signs kept pointing to Thailand. The Land of a Thousand Smiles kept popping up in conversation. I was consistently meeting people who have been there and raved about their experience. Any prospects of jobs in Eastern Europe never came to fruition so it became very clear that the next leg of my journey was bringing me to Thailand. Knowing someone who has worked and lived there and listening to everyone praise the country sealed the deal.  The moment I embraced this move in my mind my heart felt an immense sense of peace – and ever since I made this decision I have felt sure and at ease, knowing this is the right path. 

This has become a reoccurring life lesson for me. We cannot force our fate. Free will allows us to make choices that can shape and attempt to manipulate our life path; however the reality is that our journey has already been decided. No matter how far we stray or how vehemently we try to direct our paths we will return to the origin. So it is much easier to be open to what we are shown and where we are led. If we let life be, we are rewarded – with opportunities, experiences, and thrills that may have been missed if we continued to try to control something that is beyond our capability. 


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