all the flowers will turn to face the sun.

Standing in a sea of yellow, facing grand blossoms, and with the sun warming my skin all I could think of was my mother.


Last weekend my friends and I traveled to Lopburi to visit the sunflower fields. The internet did not provide us with much assistance on how to get there so we simply trusted that good faith would guide us to our destination. After an extremely long morning, we finally arrived in front of one of the most glorious sights I have ever seen.  I stood before rows upon rows of beautiful sunflowers. The cheerful yellow stood out against the cool blue of the sky and deeper greens of the mountains.

The sun was behind me so I stared in awe at the full blossoms that were searching for the sun’s warmth.  I have never seen so many sunflowers in one place. It was simply divine strolling through the rows of sunflowers and being brushed with their pollen kisses. 

I was flooded with memories of the gardens in our childhood home. My mom loyally tended to these large gardens around our house. She would guilt us kids into weeding the gardens with her.  I remember complaining and declaring every excuse I thought possible to avoid weeding, but I always ended up outside with my knees in the dirt alongside my mom.  I was too young to appreciate the beauty of gardening and spending quality time with a loved one.  Now, I revel in the moments I have with my mom where we just enjoy each other’s company and time spent together.

At the end of every summer my mother’s sunflowers would stand proudly and reign over the mums and zucchini.

“Stand tall, smile bright, and make ‘em wonder what secret’s making you laugh.”

What a brilliant flower. Sunflowers are the natural optimists of the world.  They do not close their blossom when rain comes. They do not seal off the world. They simply wait for the storm to pass and then face the sun.  They choose to find the light every day. They know the power of light and warmth.

My mom, Janet, is a flower in my life and a sunflower at that. She always sees the positive in any situation. She has found the light in her life and will eternally embrace it.

She is my rock, my mentor, my friend. She showed me how to be fearless and take control of your life. She taught me that it is never too late to give yourself the love you hoped for and the respect you deserve.  Her smile can warm any heart. Her kindness touches your soul. She loves me unconditionally and selflessly gives her care and protection.

It is obvious she is my Nana’s daughter. They are both just stubborn enough to drive you crazy, but so giving that your heart overflows with love for them.  They know what you need even before you do. They ask the right questions to make you think larger and gain perspective. They challenge you to make you grow. They are comical cooks that proudly laugh off any kitchen failures. They are one in the same. Beautiful, extraordinary, strong, generous, kind and loving.

The book ‘Is your Mama a Llama’
The song ‘Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone’
Any beach
“You’re a good girl, pretty girl, and smart girl”
A cold glass of wine
A delicious dessert

….all triggers for thoughts of my mom. 

She is everywhere I go – and together we will always seek the sun.


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