the wedding.

They say when you know, you know.
They say to fight for what you love.
They say to follow your heart.

In August of this year wonderful Tash did just that.


I met Tash in Italy and we bonded over fine wine and a never-ending meal at Il Cantinone. The conversation flowed naturally, throwing us into the deep abyss where time is irrelevant and secrets are no longer kept. We had both returned from our first summers in Croatia and together gushed about our immediate affection for the country. We explored Florence together – new recipes, new restaurants, and new perspectives. From there our friendship grew and evolved as we ourselves did. Our paths respectively brought us to South East Asia and Australia, interweaving in Croatia and Florence. At every reunion our discussions of pondering this life’s purpose always circled back to love.

I heard of Mirko that evening at Il Cantinone and he remained a presence in every conversation thereafter. The hopeless romantic in me supported and encouraged their adventure from the very start.  During strolls around Santo Spirito, Negronis at aperitivo, or live music at Volume, Tash and I repeated the mantra that if it is meant to be, it will be.  When the timing is right, they’ll be together.

Summer of 2014 their patience, dedication, and love paid off.

At the beginning of another busy and fun filled week at work I received a message from Tash explaining a massive life change that was about to occur. They knew that their love for each other was infinite. They wanted to start their life together and saw no reason to postpone it any further. By the grace of a Divine hand, every single thing came together and a wedding was planned within the week.

The plans beautifully synced with my day off from work and I took a bus down the coast to Dugi Rat to celebrate a brave leap of love. We toasted to the pending marriage aboard one of the ships and as our glasses clinked Tash’s father walked in. He traveled from New Zealand to Croatia to stand by his daughter’s side.

We woke the following morning and enjoyed a breakfast feast with a side of champagne to commence the celebrations. I did Tash’s hair and makeup as the wedding day jitters bounced around.

To keep with tradition, we were running late. The men gathered in one car and sped off so they could greet us before the ceremony. The ladies piled into Mirko’s mom’s car and we abruptly met a sea of traffic. Well, there is no stopping this group of people so Mirko’s sister got out of the car and stopped traffic to let the bride’s car through. We beeped and parted the sea of cars, receiving both stares and cheers. Eventually we pulled up to the stone building where Tash and Mirko would formally declare their promised union. To our surprise we beat the groom’s car; however, the look of excitement, desire, and confidence that Mirko gave Tash as he walked over to her made the gloriously chaotic morning all worth it.

The ceremony was perfectly intimate. Knowing there would be subsequent ceremonies including the rest of Tash’s family later on, the couple could immerse themselves in the present moment: they were weighing anchor and embarking on their voyage as husband and wife in the place where it all began – the coast of Croatia.

Tash and Mirko walked out hand in hand, dressed with their loved ones hugs, cheers, and tears of happiness.

Afterwards the gathering of family and friends dined together at a restaurant along the river. It was a celebration in every sense of the word. Wine glasses were never empty, the table was full of Croatian delicacies, and Tash and Mirko glowed among us all.

Tash – her knowing heart conquered her cautious mind, giving her the courage to live out the love story she was meant to. Mirko – his blunt exterior matches his country’s rugged charm but the definite and irreplaceable love he has for Tash reveals his warm heart. They bring out the best in one another; and their confidence in their relationship will lead them to great adventures.

It was an honor to be part of their union and their story will forever be an inspiration.


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